Task 1 Academic simon

دریافت فایل های Task 1 Academic simon: دریافت پارت اول دریافت پارت دوم دریافت پارت سوم دریافت پارت چهارم دریافت پارت پنجم دریافت پارت ششم دریافت پارت هفتم دریافت پارت هشتم دریافت پارت نهم

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English Sounding Alternative Persian sounding: By fermenting methane gas will be produced and stored. English sounding: : Methane gas is produced and then stored making use of fermenting.

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LESSON 2 :GALORE :Meaning: plentiful :Usage: to mention large amounts or numbers :Example: One major reason for heavy traffic in mega cities is that there are personal cars galore in the streets.

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LESSON 1 : CONCUR Meaning: To agree with Usage: To express your opinion in introduction or conclusion paragraph :Example Considering the benefits of the tourism industry, it is rational to concur with the idea that more public money should be spent to boost it.